Methods to Help You Shed Extra 10 Pounds in Two Weeks

Weight loss especially if you are overweight can be extremely hard to achieve. There are the uncontrollable cravings and the lack of determination to achieve a weight goal. These and more factors play important roles in successful weight loss. What makes weight loss harder is setting unrealistic goals. If you desire to lose pounds in a matter of days, you should be prepared to handle the pressure. Sometimes to shed an extra 10 pounds in two weeks or even every one and a half weeks is a healthier and easier choice.

This is very true for those who find it extremely hard to lose weight. Obesity is a major problem for our society and it is a never-ending battle for those who suffer from it. That is why moderation and proper adaptation to a diet and exercise regimen is important.

Aerobics and Cardio Exercises

Losing weight involves several kinds of exercise regimens. So much so that intensive aerobics exercise and other kinds of cardio training are important. Deciding to lose weight requires determination and especially dedication. Enrolling in a gym program that offers aerobics classes should be the first step in your weight loss program.

On the other hand, it is sometimes hard to find time to dedicate yourself to such a program. What you can do is to try working out on your own. Simply walking everyday for three hours can help you lose weight. Then, you can gradually increase the intensity of your cardio workout by changing it to running or even swimming.

Strength Training Programs

Aside from aerobics exercises, strength training is also important. Be sure to couple your daily cardio training with intensive strength training. These kinds of exercises require you to build lean muscles, which would be helpful in burning calories. Weight lifting as well as stretching and crunches can easily help you build the type of body you want.

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Detox Dieting

Detox dieting is a diet that is not only helpful in managing your weight but in cleansing your body as well. Detox diets are becoming more popular due to their effectiveness. Detoxifying your body is very easy. This type of diet only requires you to drink a mixture of lemon juice, honey, ginger and water everyday.

However, detox dieting should only be done during the first few days of your weight loss journey. It should not in any way be maintained or even prolonged. This is because detox dieting is only used to help your body clean and condition itself for the coming intense weight management.

Eating Healthy

Combining exercise with a healthy diet is an age old truth in the issue of weight loss. Time and time again, experts always suggest everyone eat healthy. So how can you consider your eating habits healthy? Incorporating plenty of fruits and vegetables in your meal is important. Your plate should be filled with 75% vegetables and an even distribution of fruits and lean meats for the rest.

Eating less during dinner can also help your body digest excess fat effectively before you go to bed. If you really want to shed extra 10 pounds in two weeks, another important matter you must remember is to eat breakfast. This is still the most important meal of the day and effective in providing the energy you need to face the day ahead.

Disclaimer: Talk to your doctor before beginning a diet, or exercise program. This website is for informational purposes only. This is not medical advice. This is weight loss advice, we cannot guarantee that you will lose weight.

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